About Me

I am a Senior Full Stack Data Engineer at Castlight Health in San Francisco, CA. My work includes healthcare management platforms, social network analytics systems, e-commerce software, academic research portals, and iOS development. These projects utilized a variety of technologies including Python, Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, CouchDB, Objective-C, Elasticsearch, geographic information systems, and responsive design.

Past Projects

Social media analytics software enabling customers to measure their content's impact on and reach to visitors. Multi-generational visitor sharing, engagement, and conversion information provide in-depth audience analysis.
Online store for industry-leading action sports company. Features include suggested products based on user activity, in-stock notifications, customer reviews, custom invoicing, and promotions.
Academic research portal focused on gene annotation. Includes dataset visualization, a plugin library organizing user plugins, advanced search capabilities, community ratings, and user-customizable themes.
iPhone app using advanced face detection image analysis to mix photos of two peoples' faces into a single image. The result is a "precreated" image of the users' offspring.
Custom mapping engine for the Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center. Maps include geoprocessed and curated basemaps, toolboxes enabling feature layer interaction, and real-time data visualization.

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