About Me

I am the founder of independent game development studio Stellar Oasis and an innovative engineer with experience producing games from conception to release. Games are the perfect intersection of engineering, art, and interactivity, and I am passionate about their development.

Past Projects

In addition to game development I have also architected and developed full-stack web applications across many industries including healthcare management platforms, social network analytics systems, e-commerce software, academic research portals, and iOS development.

Advanced healthcare management platform encouraging user engagement in navigating complex healthcare decisions.
Social media analytics software enabling customers to measure their content's impact on and reach to visitors. Multi-generational visitor sharing, engagement, and conversion information provide in-depth audience analysis.
Online store for industry-leading action sports company. Features include suggested products based on user activity, in-stock notifications, customer reviews, custom invoicing, and promotions.
Academic research portal focused on gene annotation. Includes dataset visualization, a plugin library organizing user plugins, advanced search capabilities, community ratings, and user-customizable themes.
iPhone app using advanced face detection image analysis to mix photos of two peoples' faces into a single image. The result is a "precreated" image of the users' offspring.
Custom mapping engine for the Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center. Maps include geoprocessed and curated basemaps, toolboxes enabling feature layer interaction, and real-time data visualization.

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